Monday, January 17, 2011

Stormwater Cleanout - Confined Space Entry NOT REQUIRED

When we talk about stormwater with our clients, one of the most important things we discuss about is The "M" Word... MAINTENANCE.  Since we know how time and money intensive maintenance of stormwater systems can be, we try to recommend the most effective stormwater solution with the least maintenance required.

In early January we had installed our second TerreKleen hydodynamic separator in Waccabuc in Westchester County, NY.  The first unit had been installed in September.  Since we have had lots of snow here in the Northeast this Winter, the first unit was buried in a snow bank, but we were able to "pop the lids" and see how the system was working:

Even though there is snow all over up-top, you can see
once we "popped the lids" that the water is still flowing
through the unit.  See trash and debris that has been
collected in the primary chamber.

This is a picture of the secondary chamber.  You can see
the plates where finer sediment settles out.  See the red hose?
The red hose clips to the top of the unit.  The vac truck
operator can energize our manifold system at the bottom
of the unit to re-suspend the sludge blanket.

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