Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TerreKleen 02 installed to capture sediment and improve stormwater runoff

A GREAT KICK-OFF FOR 2011!  Even though it was a bit cold, it was a great day to be outside and see our first Terre Kleen hydrodynamic separator of 2011 installed!

We are on-site at 7:00 AM and the trucker has already arrived.  TerreKleen arrives pre-assembled and ready to install.  This makes installation easy.  

TerreKleen is quickly off the truck and installing in the hole the contractor has prepared.
The conseal (black strip) is quickly applied.  We are now ready to install the riser section.
Riser is being installed

TerreKleen installed!!!

The primary contaminant at this site is sediment.  The TK02 is a smaller TerreKleen unit.  The size of the TerreKleen for each site is chosen based on flow rates and the sediment particle size that client needs to capture.  After pipes are connected and manhole covers put in place, TerreKleen will be fully functioning and will immediately start to work.

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