Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sustainable Strategies for Stormwater Planning and Design Workshop and Tradeshow

We hope you will meet us next week at the Sustainable Strategies for Stormwater Planning and Design Workshop and Tradeshow.

This workshop is sponsored by the Westchester County Soil and Water Conservation District / Dept of Planning and New York City Soil and Water Conservation District.

Meet us:
December 2, 2009
Westchester County Center, White Plains, NY
Cost $95.00

Educational Credits: 5.25
Register is Lisa Vasilakos from Westchester Dept of Planning: 914-995-3780

Stop by and see us!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hold the Salt, Pass the Brine -upcoming meeting on de-icing

Being involved in stormwater, we attend a lot of environmental meetings. There was an excellent meeting we attended in 2006 on brine systems. We got an invitation to attend a follow-up meeting on this topic and it is coming up on Friday, December 4th. These meetings are sponsored by Westchester County Parks - their Conversations on Conservation series. Meetings are always educational and instructive. Here are the details. I hope you can make it.

Hold the Salt, Pass the Brine
Environmentally Friendly Methods for De-icing our Roads
Friday, December 4th, 2009
8:30 AM to 10:00 AM
8:00 AM registration
Location: Greenburgh Public Library
300 Tarrytown Road
Elmsford, NY

Topics covered:
Benefits of De-icing with Brine
Michael Simone, Supt Highways, Town of Carmel, NY

Environmental Impacts of traditional vs. Modern De-icing
Jim Reed, Reed Environmental Enterprises Inc.

Impacts of Road Salt on the Environment and Organisms
Dr. Stuart Findlay, Aquatic Ecologist, Cary Institute of Ecosystems Studies

Joseph "Bud" Nicoletti, Commissioner of Public Works, White Plains, NY will be moderating

RSVP by December 2nd: 914-864-7047

We wrote an article on the last meeting and posted it on our website. Click here
to read about the last meeting. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stormwater vault installation to improve storm water runoff that goes into Long Island Sound

We had our second installation of the TerreKleen Water Quality Treatment Vault get installed in Stamford this week.

The TerreKleen is unique in that this hydrodynamic separator utilizes stacked inclined plates to assist sediment to fall out. The first chamber is designed to capture large sediment, trash/debris, and contain oil. The second chamber contains stacked inclined plates. Stacked inclined plates have been widely used in the drinking water industry for the past 80 years. This technology has been adapted to the storm water industry.

The installation went smoothly and quickly. Here are a few pics...

This picture shows the hole where it will be installed. The markings show the positioning where the unit will go.

TerreKleen is made of 3 pieces. The TerreKleen is assembled in-place as each piece stacks on top of each other.

In this picture, you see the "working section" of the TerreKleen hoisted off the flat bed truck with a crane. The first section of the installation is getting positioned over the hole and being aligned for installation.

The site is being re-developed. The building behind will be re-furbished.

The second section, the riser, has been lifted off the tractor trailer and is getting positioned into place. It will install directly on top of the first section. Each of the three sections are designed to "interlock" together.

The lines attached to the crane's lifting chains assist in the alignment.

The riser section installs very quickly right on top of the working part of the TerreKleen.

TerreKleen can be easily sized for any size project. The installation is the same for any unit. While this picture shows the smallest TerreKleen unit (approx. 4'W X 6'L in size), available, TerreKleen is easily sized for any size project. No matter the size of the project, the TerreKleen takes advantage of the efficiency of the stacked inclined plates to maximize sedimentation surface area in the smallest unit footprint.

One more piece and the installation will be done.

Better not blink, the top is quickly installed!

This client requested manhole covers for the top. Other clients prefer manhole grates.

Installation complete and lifting rings are removed. Contractor will connect all of the inlet and outlet pipes and backfill around the unit. Then, unit is ready to work.

If you have any questions about this installation or any of the other storm water products in our line, give us a call. Click here to get to our website.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cleaner storm water in 45 minutes! (The quick and easy installation of a hydrodynamic separator)

Our first hydrodynamic separator (water quality treatment vault) was installed yesterday in Stamford, CT. This separator will capture trash, sediment, debris and also contain oil.
The TerreKleen is a modular system that installs in about 45 minutes. Here are some pictures showing the installation.

The unit arrived on site via flatbed truck at about 8AM. The crane arrived shortly after. Setting up the crane and final site preparations took about an hour. Around 9AM, the crew started to prepare the unit for installation by attaching these hooks to the TerreKleen. They used these hooks to secure the first section.

The crew wants to get this unit installed as quickly as possible. The installation site is in a tidal area and the tide is starting to come in. The crane operator lifts the TerreKleen off the truck and moves it toward the hole where it is getting installed. The ropes will assist in guiding the unit.

The working part of the TerreKleen is successfully installed. As you can see, the TerreKl
een is a two chamber system.
The first chamber (near side) is designed to capture: sediment, trash, debris and will
contain oil.
The second chamber (far side) houses the stacked inclined plates. Stacked incline
d plates have been widely used in the potable drinking water industry for the past 80 years. Their use give the TerreKleen the largest sedimentation surface area in the smallest area footprint. Once sediment is captured in the second chamber, they will not re-suspend regardless of flow rate.

In a few minutes, the riser is installed and we can move on to the final piece.

A few more minutes and the top is positioned for installation.

45 minutes later.....TerreKleen hydrodynamic separator installation is complete! All that is left now is to hook up the pipes and back fill around the unit.

More projects are planned. We will keep you posted.