Friday, January 21, 2011

Warren County, NY SWCD installs TerreKleen hydrodynamic separator to improve stormwater runoff at AAA rated, historically important, Halfway Brook, Queensbury, NY

We LOVE what we do because we:
1) Really help our clients improve stormwater runoff
2) What we do has a long term impact on improving water quality
It means a lot to have this opportunity.

During the summer of 2009, we were invited to make a site visit and compete against other hydrodynamic separator units for a high profile project to improve the stormwater runoff that flows into Halfway Brook in Queensbury, NY.   Queensbury is located in Warren County, which is located on the edge of a 6 MILLION ACRE Adirondack State Park.

This particular site was selected because:
1- The Warren County SWCD wanted to have the largest impact on improving stormwater and this outfall is the largest in the County
2- A large surrounding commercial area of 106 of impervious surface drains into Halfway Brook at this point.
3- Halfway Brook is a historically important Brook
4- Halfway Brook is a AAA rated Trout Brook
5- Brook trout need cold clean water to thrive
6- Site is upstream from a popular public park

The site constraints were very difficult:
1- The site had a very small footprint 
2- A 12" gas main ran through the property
3- Other utilities ran through the property
4- Unit would have to go RIGHT NEXT to the brook, so there is a high water table
5- Runoff from a large commercial area (106 acres of impervious surface) enters the brook at this location
6- Site is right along side a major state route - with lots of traffic
7- The property owner agreed to help at great inconvenience to himself and his going business
8- The site had previously been a gas station - leaky tanks contaminated the site and it had undergone cleanup

The best option at this site would be a hydrodynamic separator.  Water could flow down to toward the brook and through the hydrodynamic separator.  We demonstrated how the TerreKleen works:

1- Water enters the primary chamber where oils, sediment, trash are collected
2- The water then flows through a screen into the secondary chamber and onto the TerreKleen's stacked inclined plates
3- The water enters the secondary chamber near the bottom of the plates as the water rises the stacked inclined plates help finer sediments fall out
4- Once collected, there is no scour or re-suspension and so the material is permanently collected
5- Maintenance is easy - NO CONFINED SPACE ENTRY is required and most maintenance is completed with a vac truck in about an hour
6- What is really cool is to realize that the stacked inclined plate technology is technology that has been used to separate particles from drinking water since 1905.  One would think that if there were a better way to separate particles from water, the drinking water industry would have gone with it.  This technology is still widely used and its effectiveness is well known by engineers.  The TerreKleen simply adapts this technology to efficiently remove sediments from stormwater.

Details on the TerreKleen:
Each TerreKleen is custom manufactured for each site.  We look at flow rates, particle size removal objectives and where the pipes are coming in and manufacture the TK for specific site)  
This site has a TK63 - which is our largest unit
TK63 Structure size is: 16.5' X 7' (115.5 ft2)
TK63 offers 403 ft2 Settling Surface Area
The Settling Surface Area per Structure Ft 2 for the TK63 is 349%
*(Please read ft2 as "foot squared - I cannot figure out how to superscript the 2 - thank you)

Here are a few pics:
Just cool to see part of the unit on the ride
up to the site.  The weather is sub-optimal

You can see the site here - RIGHT NEXT TO
THE BROOK.  The guys told me that brook
 trout are always seen right here at the outfall.

The hole has been pre-dug and prepared
for the TerreKleen.  The crane is in place and
ready to go.  Trucker backs in to
start off-loading the base of the TerreKleen.

Here is the base - in place
This shows the manifold system
which allows the TerreKleen to
be cleaned from the curb.

Here is the middle section of the
TerreKleen getting installed.
This is our largest unit and
these plates will help all of the
fine sediments settle out. 

Two hours later and
3 lifts by the crane,
the TerreKleen is in place and ready to work

The TerreKleen is the BEST option at this site.
Not only does TerreKleen maximize the 
sedimentation in the smallest footprint, but 
the easy maintenance/cleanout will significantly
help keep both short and long-term
maintenance costs to a minimum.

What a great day!

PS - here is a link to project details prepared by
Warren County Soil and Water Conservation 

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