Saturday, September 11, 2010

Improving Stormwater runoff at Ausable River, in a NYS DOT right of way- 3 part post

Wilmington, NY.  The Ausable River in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York is known for its world-class trout fishing.

This is the site of our first TerreKleen hydrodynamic separator installation in upstate NY.  The TerreKleen hydrodynamic separator is being installed to capture sediment, trash, oils and debris and prevent its flow into the Ausable River.  

This project is a collaborative effort between Essex County Soil and Water Conservation District and NYSDOT.  The installation of the TerreKleen is in a NYSDOT right of way.

This is a picture of the Ausable River from the site.

Difficult installation site conditions include:
Re-routing traffic on this section of Route 86 until installation complete, small site footprint, excessive low hanging power lines. 

(This is a 3 part post click on stormwaterworks banner at top of page to view additional 2 postings)
This is a look at sediment on this site.

This is an overview of the site as the TerreKleen 
arrives.  This part of Route 86 has been closed for installation.

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