Monday, August 23, 2010

Improving Stormwater at N. Lake Carmel with a second installation of the TerreKleen

All Equipment in the shoulder
Very Tight Work Area

It has been an exciting August with our second TerreKleen installation at North Lake Carmel, NY.  Again, the worksite is incredibly small.  All of the heavy duty earth moving equipment barely fits in the road shoulder.  It is important to keep the traffic moving. 

TK09 - 9 cells for particle separation
Don't blink!  (Left) 
The TerreKleen is in place before you know it!  

This is the picture of a smallest TerreKleen unit, the TerreKleen09.  

The 09 represents the number of cells created by the stacked inclined plates for particle separation.  This unit will capture sediment, trash, debris and oils.  

Confirming the TK09 is level
Next step... 

double checking that the TerreKleen has been installed and is level in the hole.

It is important that the gravel in the bottom of the hole provides a level surface for the TerreKleen to sit on.

The crane is moves the lid onto the open TerreKleen.  The top is designed to fit on top of the open TerreKleen.  It takes just a few minutes until the lid is in place.

The installation is complete.  In less than an hour, the large equipment is leaving the site and the TerreKleen is in place ready to do its job. 

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