Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TerreKleen hydrodynamic separator installed at Eastchester DPW Yard - TK27

All of the action started at about 
9:00 AM yesterday morning 
at the Eastchester, NY DPW yard.  Here is the 
TerreKleen ready for installation.

The hole where the TerreKleen is being
 installed is already prepared.

This is the base which installed quickly.
The white pipes and red hose
are the manifold system.  Confined Space
Entry is NOT required on the TerreKleen.  This
will mean a significant short and long term
cost savings.

This is the mid-section.  Tight installation
since the TerreKleen had to fit right up
against the outlet pipe.  The left
side of the unit is the primary chamber
where large sediments, trash and oil
will be contained.  The plates on
the right side of this picture shows
the stacked inclined plates where
small sediments will settle out.

The riser is on in no time.

The top stacks in no time.
Total installation time:  approximately 1 hour.

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