Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - it is time to think of roof runoff as an asset. Discounted Rainbarrel Program - sponsored by Aquarion, Connecticut

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - it is time to think of roof runoff as an asset.

I was just looking at the USGS seasonal drought predictions.  It is eye opening to look at the map of the US and notice the large red and yellow sections which anticipate drought conditions persisting and intensifying in a large part of the south - through June.  

We, in the Northeast, are very lucky to have had a lot of snow this winter and it seems right now we are in a good position with our water resources for the next several months.  However, we really do not know what is ahead.  Why not take this opportunity to maximize your water resources by investing in a rain barrel for your home?

Aquarion Water is sponsoring again this year a discount rainbarrel program.  The rain barrels are designed to hold 55 or 60 gallons of water, they attach directly to your down-spout and fill automatically when it rains.  They even come with brass attachments, a hose and a screen which prevents insects from making your rainbarrel their home.

Captured rain can be used for lawn watering and car washing or other outdoor chores.  It really is baffling to understand why one would need treated water for these activities.  In fact, I think my garden grows better with roof runoff!

Here is the link to Aquarion's rainbarrel program
You must order by May 31st for pick-up in Trumbull, CT on June 4th.

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