Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TerreKleen Low Impact Development Protector

Putting in a rain garden?  Worried about sediment, trash, debris, or oils getting into and blinding your rain garden?  Perhaps you would consider installing our newest product, the TerreKleen LID Protector. 

The TerreKleen LID protector was designed in response to concerns of several of our large city clients who are installing rain gardens.  Their concerns include: cost, ease of maintenance, sediment, debris, and oils getting into their rain gardens, blinding the rain gardens and killing the plants.  In response to concerns about budget and lack of manpower, the TerreKleen LID protector was designed.

This small vault system was designed to capture sediment, trash, debris, and oils, and as a shallow vault, a central maintenance location makes makes $en$e and can easily be performed with a shovel.
TerreKleen LID Protector

Lengthen the life of your rain garden!  If you are interested in learning more about the TerreKleen LID protector, give us a call!

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