Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Current stormwater projects and applications

Was thinking back over the past year and about the projects that we have worked on and what is ahead.  Just thought this was interesting to consider what types of projects we work on, their diversity and why our clients choose our systems.  These were just a few that came to mind.

TerreKleen - hydrodynamic separator
Probably one of the most unique projects we worked on was for a condo complex in New York.  This client needed a hydrodynamic separator to be installed in their existing parking structure.  Since there was no room for a crane, we built the whole unit from marine grade aluminum and put it in place.  Since this condo complex was located in an urban area, they really were concerned about losing parking availability.  Our unit fit in nicely into their parking garage and at the most, they only lost 1 parking spot.  (I believe if one drove a very small car they could still fit in the spot)
TerreKleen offers a lot of flexibility.  We design to meet the goals of your project (you do not need to design your project to meet the goals of the TerreKleen)

TerreBox - stormwater detention / rain harvesting system
One project that we are currently working on is for a University.  They are going to be re-developing part of their campus and in going for LEED Gold, they are planning the installation of a geo-thermal heating system as well as and capturing all roof runoff for re-use.  The TerreBox is a natural solution in this application.  

  1. TerreBox is a modular system, so the client can easily design the storage they need.  
  2. As a system that installs quickly and is HS-25 load rated, TerreBox is well suited for a site where large infrastructure/major buildings are going up.
  3. Work on the rest of the site will be able to continue with minimal interruption.  
  4. TerreBox offers a patented water-tight seal.  This will prevent the roof runoff from contaminating the geo-thermal system.
TerreArch - stormwater infiltration - patented stormwater arch system
A major portion of projects we see need infiltration.  Another school project that we are working on is re-developing their parking lots.  Part of their plans include the installation of two infiltration bays.  Our systems will fit well in this application because:
  1. Our systems arrive on-site as HS-25 load rated.  They are not dependent on work crews to achieve the HS-25 load rating.  They are built to easily handle the bus, truck, car traffic at a busy school facility.
  2. TerreArch arrives just in time - there is no need for storage, staging, re-staging and there are no small parts to put together, break or lose.
  3. TerreArch installs quickly - the contractor can install, backfill and cover up to 50,000 cubic feet of stormwater storage in one day.  Work on the rest of the site can continue with minimal interruption.
  4. Available as 26" or 48" arches, it is easy to design and install these systems.

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