Saturday, September 18, 2010

TerreKleen hydrodynamic separator now improving stormwater runoff at Waccabuc, NY

It was a beautiful day in Waccabuc, Westchester County, NY.  Getting the TerreKleen installed at this site has been a long term project and finally, this past Thursday was the day.  The day of our first of two installations at this site.   We arrived at about 8 AM and the TerreKleen was already on site.

The installation site was right on the edge of a large open field.   Here is a picture of the hole that has been prepared for installation.  The contractor had done a lot of work prepping the installation site the day prior so for the most part, upon arrival, the unit is ready to be installed.  

Contractor makes some final checks and adjustments, re-confirms the gravel bed is level and cleans out some mud that has accumulated overnight.  When everything is confirmed ready for installation, the TerreKleen is lifted off the truck and manipulated into place.

Here is the TerreKleen getting installed into place.  A crane easily lifts the unit into place.  The TerreKleen arrives fully assembled eliminating any additional work that needs to be done on site.

Here is the riser getting installed.  Again, it is a very easy operation - the crane simply lifts the riser and installs it on top of the base of the TerreKleen.  

TerreKleens install quickly as they are designed to assemble on-site with each section manufactured to fit on top of each other.

In about an hour, the TerreKleen is installed and ready to work.  It will remove sediments, trash, debris and oils.

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