Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TerreKleen Hydrodynamic Separator - installation video online!

It has been an exciting and busy time!  Tradeshow season has started and we have been on the road reaching out to engineers and contractors demonstrating the TerreKleen and showing them why the TerreKleen is the obvious hydrodynamic separator of choice for current and upcoming projects.

  • Some like that the TerreKleen has the largest sedimentation surface area in the smallest area footprint
  • Others like that confined space entry is not needed for clean out
  • Still others concerned with better water quality appreciate all of the water is treated and that there is no scour or re-suspension of collected material from the TerreKleen.
  • Still others like the effectiveness of stacked inclined plates (technology developed and still widely used after 80+ years in the drinking water industry) for particle separation
  • Many seem to like that the TerreKleen is designed to meet the goals of the project 
  • Others like that TerreKleen can be easily customized for any project
  • Some are intent on the NJCAT/NJDEP certifications
  • Others are impressed by the dedication to using and the enthusiasm for the TerreKleen by our past and current clients
  • Finally, some like the ease of installation.  
  • We posted this video to show an installation of two TerreKleen Hydrodynamic Separator (water quality treatment vaults) at a large big box mall site in PA.  The two TerreKleens in this video handle a peak flow of 350 cfs and eliminated 5 other stormwater structures on this site saving the contractor close to $200,000.00
If you have a project that requires a storm water quality vault, give us a call and let us show you how the TerreKleen would work in your project.

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