Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TerreArch Installation Video released on Youtube!

TerreArch is THE choice for discerning clients needing HS-25, just in time, storm water storage and infiltration.  Install 50,000 cubic feet of storage with back-fill and cover in just one day.  See an installation in this exciting video just released on Youtube.

TerreArch may benefit your jobsite with:
1- Quick and easy installation (install up to 50,000 cubic feet of storm water storage in one day)
2- HS-25 structural pieces arrive just in time
3- No time wasted staging and re-staging material
4- No small parts to lose, put together or break
5- Available in 26" and 48" height
6- With minimal stone cover, surface is immediately drivable and job site is accessible
7- May reduce footprint
8- Installation is quick and requires minimal crew
9- Cost effective

Special thanks to Leroy Brisk for video expertise and assistance.

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